Provide a solution for penile curvature.

Biodesign provides strength and flexibility for reinforcement and restoration of form.

Unlike repair procedures using the patient’s own tissue, Biodesign doesn’t require additional surgery or cause donor site trauma.

The Biodesign Advantage

  • Helps create strong, vascularized tissue
  • Restores natural form
  • Minimizes scar tissue formation
  • Rehydrates and sutures easily
  • No evidence of penile shortening

Biodesign Peyronie’s Repair Products

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Move Beyond to Advanced Tissue Repair

Biodesign is a non-dermis, non-cross–linked biologic graft technology that moves beyond.

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NOTE: Any surgery has the potential for complications. The following complications are possible with the use of Biodesign® Advanced Tissue Repair Products: bleeding, infection, abscess, induration, acute or chronic inflammation (initial application of surgical graft materials may be associated with transient, mild, localized inflammation), allergic reaction, visceral adhesions, fistula formation, seroma formation, hematoma, extrusion, recurrence of tissue defect, and delayed or failed incorporation of the device. Not all part numbers listed on this website are approved for sale in all regulatory jurisdictions. Consult with your local Cook representative or customer service center for details.