Lasting repairs with complete remodeling.

Repair of abdominal wall defects, such as hernias, wounds or congenital weaknesses, can benefit from the immediate and long-term strength provided by Biodesign. This advanced tissue repair technology provides support as it is completely remodeled into patient tissue. Biodesign is not prone to stretching, allowing restoration of the integrity and function of the abdominal wall.

The Biodesign Advantage

  • No significant amounts of elastin
  • Long-term strength
  • Completely remodeled by the body
  • Handling characteristics suitable for open or laparoscopic repair
  • Supported by 5 year data

Biodesign Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Products

Biodesign is available in the large sizes often needed for abdominal repair.

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Dr. Morris Franklin views 2 year remodeling of Biodesign in ventral hernia repair.

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Move Beyond to Advanced Tissue Repair

Biodesign is a non-dermis, non-cross–linked biologic graft technology that moves beyond.

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NOTE: Any surgery has the potential for complications. The following complications are possible with the use of Biodesign® Advanced Tissue Repair Products: bleeding, infection, abscess, induration, acute or chronic inflammation (initial application of surgical graft materials may be associated with transient, mild, localized inflammation), allergic reaction, visceral adhesions, fistula formation, seroma formation, hematoma, extrusion, recurrence of tissue defect, and delayed or failed incorporation of the device. Not all part numbers listed on this website are approved for sale in all regulatory jurisdictions. Consult with your local Cook representative or customer service center for details.